EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE (2022)2023-01-13T15:10:01+00:00

Project Description

EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. Inspiring practices from Europe (2022)

Cortometraje documental. 37 min. 4K. Dinamarca, Bélgica, Italia. 2022. Dirigido por María Royo.
Short documentary. 37 min. 4K. Denmark, Belgium, Italy. 2022. Directed by María Royo








Short film documentary showing good practices of addressing environmental issues and sustainable environmental development by educational institutions in various national contexts.

The project “Education for Social Change: The role of Education Trade Unions in addressing sustainable environmental development” aims at building the capacity of education trade unions to prepare their affiliates to address environmental questions and climate emergency for sustainable development in education and training through social dialogue and collective bargaining with the view to address the impact that climate emergency and environmental sustainability measures have on the education sector in the European region.

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