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My name is Maria Gisele Royo Barrera. I was born in Caracas in 1983.

I studied an MFA in “Media Arts Production” at the City College of New York thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. I also graduated in Media Arts at the University of Seville, and did one year of Film Studies at the London College of Music and Media. Roma Prize at the Spanish Royal Academy in Rome, in 2017-2018.

As Co-founder of Jur Jur Productions I have produced and directed several documentaries, fiction films and TV shows since 2010, as well as online videos and campaigns. I also worked recently as an editor for Bloomberg News, Atresmedia and Doblediez TV and several independent documentaries.

My Masters thesis documentary, “Rediscovering Pape”, was awarded a Student Academy Award and a College Television Award (Emmy) among other international prizes. More recently I worked as an Art Director for the feature filmH.” that premiered in La Biennale di Venezia in 2015, was selected in Sundance 2015, Berlinale 2015 and won an Independent Spirit award.




  • Roma Price. (2017-18)
  • Selected for Propellor / Kickstart, Rotterdam Film Festival, Holanda. (2017)
  • Sesión de Documentales en Fnac, Sevilla, España. (2016)
  • H. is selected for Sundance 2015, Berlinale 2015, Independent Spirit Award (2015)
  • Selection (2014)
  • Student Academy Award (2010)
  • Emmy (College TV Award) (2010)
  • Citivisions Film Festival Award (2010)
  • CUFF Award (2010)
  • ExtremaDocs Award (2010)
  • Fernando Buesa Foundation Award (2010)
  • Festival de Huesca Selection (2010)
  • One World Festival Rumania Selection (2010)
  • Bombshell Film Festival Award (2009)
  • Seville European Film Festival Selection (2009)
  • Camerimage Selection (2009)
  • Jidhlava East River Market Selection (2009)
  • International Women Film Festival Selection (2009)

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